Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A blog for FoR

And so we are here...finally, a flog for BoR (you know what I mean). When I was invited here, my first thoughts were "someone thinks I write well enough to invite me to their blog..wow! I must be good" (yes, self-centered and no, humility is perhaps, not my best quality)...and then of course, I logged in (don't you find that google owns almost everything on cyber-world..and if it isn't something they own, they soon own it? Call me paranoid, but you'll think of me one day when the google guys come-up with that mind control software that will be end of humanity as we know it).
Anyway, sorry for digressing, I logged in and I find I'm the first one here but my guess is there are more of you are going to log and blog soon.
I think this is a great opportunity to write about FoR but we need to have an idea of allowable content so I and other normal human-beings like me, know if we have to leave paranoid thoughts & jokes aside and work on the serious stuff...
Hope to hear from ya'll soon!
(Note to moderator: you are free to remove this post if the content is inappropriate - you can apologise later)

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