Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Posting the Poster

Dipin and I have been trying to post this post about the poster for the last half an hour (Oh! What an "excellent" connection). First, Blogger loads an interface without the "Add Image" button; then it loads only the title and finally it doesn't load at all! So - How did it get posted? College Internet connections have a way of paying you back for the patient effort you put in(staring at incomplete Firefox screens of course!).
Here's the post in Dipin's words (his computer has passed into the Heavenly Realms trying the impossible :P)

"Cheers guys...
Days of toil and creative brainstorming (anticipated hype :)) has finally given shape to the much awaited and much-required "FOR poster"...

Thanks to Megharaj Sagar -the creative designer of the poster- for his masterpiece..
Now that enough of vote of thanks has been carried out...

We need possible suggestions and modifications to improve its contents and appearance.All kinds of constructive comments are welcome.

This is just the initial version of the poster. With all your inputs lets make the poster more inviting and eye-catchy!


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